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Session Three: Pre-Production

The topics that mentees brainstormed this week were now posted all around the room. Mentees were asked to move around the room in a few rounds of “Where Do You Stand?” They went to the topics that spoke most to them and discussed with other people in that group what they might like to make a movie about. They had a few opportunities to move around. When they were happy with their choice, groups got together at tables to brainstorm their 3-minute film ideas and develop their one sentence log line for the film. They also started to think about who their audience would be, what their film’s message is, and who their characters are.

Some topics were: Music, Just a Day in the Life, Drugs, Family, School, Not Giving Up, Dreams, Media, LGBTQ, Violence/Abuse, Friends, Success, Gangs, Conspiracy/Horror/Mythological Creatures, Death, Poverty, Love, Conflicts, Revolution.

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