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Session Two: Pre-Production

On our second session of UOFA 2013, we played a game called “Who Owns the Media,” developed by the Global Action Project, a youth film program in NYC. Mentees watched ads in order to dissect media messaging and how stories are told visually through film, and a youth film from Video Vanguards, another youth film program in Massachusetts.

Fair and Lovely (1:07)

Processing questions:

    What happened in the commercial?
    What’s the message of this commercial?
    How did you understand the message without understanding the words?
    What other types of messages do we get from media?
    What techniques are used to get them across? (i.e. images, music)

Marketing Revolution (2:47)

Processing questions:

    What is this youth media-maker’s message?
    Who is the intended audience?
    How does this video challenge the dominant message of mainstream media?
    What tools did the filmmaker use to send this message?

Mentees then took some time to individually brainstorm topics they’d like to make a film about. Next week they will get into groups based on the topics they wrote, and start thinking about their story!

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