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Bresee Film Fest May 18


2013 Youth Film Festival on Social Justice

Saturday, May 18, 2013 – 1pm-3pm

Films will screen from 1:30-2:30 at the community center with awards presentations at 3:30pm. Urban Oasis Film Academy is proud to be participating in the festival again this year! Please come support youth films.

Bresee Community Center
184 Bimini Pl.
Los Angeles, CA 90004

The 2013 Theme Explained:
Adults are always telling you what’s important or what you should be doing, thinking and respecting, but does anyone ever ask you what’s on your mind?

Now’s your chance to be heard. Make a video, three minutes or less, *and post it on our film festival site. Everyone will get a chance to hear your message, and you’ll be in the running to win one of the 40 camcorder awards we give out annually.

Be as artistic and original as possible in your video. Dance, spoken word, poetry, graphic arts, music, photography, experimental effects…but don’t use anyone else’s music or images, create them yourself!

Be sure to read the 2013 guidelines page, then start your cameras rolling. The deadline is May 3, 2012, but it’s never too early to get on your soapbox and rant!

This is a film festival about social justice, about issues, so just complaining about your girl or boyfriend won’t earn you an award.

Read more about the festival here.


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