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Life’s a Beach

Junior and Andy leave the hood.


Can You Smell What L.A. Is Cooking?

Two teenagers explore fast food and farmer’s markets in Los Angeles.


Best Thing Since the Crayon

A young musician’s passion for rapping leads him to set his life on track for success.


She and Me

Two teens grieve the loss of their friend.


My Life

Many people think that graffiti is a negative thing; that it’s gang related or defaces property. But for me, graffiti is my life.


The Competition

The underdog dancer competes with a pro — can he win?


Reina’s Song

Reina stumbles upon a youth mentoring program, and after a scary experience sees it’s a home for her.


Behind the Scenes UOFA 2011

Behind the scenes at Urban Oasis Film Academy 2011!


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